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SDCF Venture Management ("SDCF") is a fund management company, which is focused on investments into growing small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in the South Eastern Europe with the targeted investment size between EUR 2 – 6 million. It operates from offices in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia). SDCF Venture management was formerly known as the SDCF Investment Advisory Company.

There is a clear need for this fund as the local capital markets are inadequate to the task of funding growing SMEs. Formal equity markets are poorly developed, dominated by large firms and insider trading and not realistic sources of finance for SMEs. Angel investors are new to the region, active primarily in Slovenia, hesitant and unsophisticated. The local equity financing comes from friends and family, but they cannot fund SMEs beyond a certain point. Local lenders cannot and will not fund growing SMEs. No fund targeting our investment range is currently active in SEE: very few VC funds target investments larger than EUR 10 million while a few newly established VC funds are targeting investments between EUR 1 – 3 million. Generally, there are very few VC funds present in the region at all.

And yet SMEs are vital to the region’s economic and political health. SDCF is focusing on financing their equity needs that are often crucial for their further growth.


SDCF, družba tveganega kapitala d.o.o.

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