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Management structure

SDCF Venture Management is managed by a team of professionals. They fill three main roles in the company:

1. Managing directors – they are involved in managing the funds, fund-raising, searching for the investment targets, human resources (in connection to the Fund and Portfolio Companies) and monitoring of the portfolio companies

2. Investment directors – they are co-managing the fund according to their different expertise. They help with the fund-raising, searching the investment targets, structuring the transactions and monitoring portfolio companies. Besides, they advise portfolio companies on financial and business optimisation.

3. Analysts & Associates – they provide analytical support to the Directors and prepare the materials for the Investment Committee. If needed, they provide analytical support to portfolio companies.

Management team members are:

Marijan Groff, MSc.

Managing Director, Ljubljana Office
mobile:+386 41 639 816

Marijan Groff SDCF

The Managing director has extensive experience in investing in developing countries as well as Central and Eastern Europe. It had been approved by both IFC and EBRD who on behalf of other investors used to review all investments prior to their implementation. He has 4 years of VC experience in the SEE region, served in different bodies of the regional VC funds, from Investment Committee to Advisory Board. He is the Lead Advisor on structuring the fund from the side of the sponsor and monitoring the portfolio companies.

He is an expert in the field of corporate finance (valuations, due diligences, structuring debt and equity financing transactions, restructuring of the companies) and also served as financial adviser to many Slovenian Blue Chips and regional SMEs.

Michael Glazer

Managing Director, Zagreb Office
mobile:+385 98 310 77

Michael Glazer SDCF

He has over 16 year of experience as an investment banker in SEE region and excellent contacts throughout SEE. Previously, he obtained significant Wall Street experience and extensive Western financial and business contacts. He was the founding president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, the first AmCham in SEE.

His expertise are not limited to investment banking but include law degree from J.D. Yale Law School M.P.A. and Int'l Affairs and Int'l Economics degree at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School.

Tomaž Groff, MSc.

Investment Director
mobile:+386 41 313 077

Tomaz Groff SDCF

His specialisation is help to portfolio companies with their process of internationalisation, setting teh companies' sales technics & growth of the business.

Aleš Pustovrh, MSc.

Investment Director
mobile:+386 40 580 890

Ales Pustovrh SDCF

He is specialising in assisting the portfolio companies in their innovation activities and entering global value chains to facilitate their growth.

Other people advising the company include persons like Eric Sippel, a leading hedge fund and venture capital fund lawyer from California. Managers are cooperating closely with other international and local experts who assist them with the investment selection process and oversight of the operations.

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